Wednesday, March 30, 2011


by Tararith

A society under dictatorship. The results are disastrous.
Tunesia was a very difficult place to make a revolution.
Peoples’ power can prevail.
Those in power so long can be overthrown.
Communist control and threat is constant,
Persecuting people even now; confiscating their land.
A poor country with glimmers of such beauty, of a bridge or down a street.
Officials’ noises sound right, but puts Cambodia on all the watch lists.
A man holding onto power so long, he never changes his position.
Democracy used for all the wrong ways, with threats that give him more power.
Violations of the law and the right. Abductions strike terror in hearts.
No freedom of speech, leaders make people afraid and worried all the time.
Rapes and killing. Feeling hopeless because there is no help.
False hope in the government, but only hopeless corruption. All people in sorrow.
High ranking people always friendly and engaged, yet corrupt this entire group.
No police catch them.
The light of peace when Khmer can unlock all the evil boxes.
If together we cooperate, all will walk on the right path.

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