Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Case 003

by Tararith

The UN Khmer tribunal is well known for political corruption.[1]
To catch all Khmer murderers they have more than a million dollars.
This tribunal has no freedom so Case 003 will collapse.[2]
Judgment for 002 will not be meaningful because thousands of problems are not clear.
We Khmer want to know what happened in the Killing Fields.
That Khmer killed Khmer is just not believable.
Why the Killing Fields came, all politicians must answer for this.
The judgment of the petty criminal Duch was not a high ranking case.[3]
Other unidentified murderers are trying to stop Case 003.
Because if Case 003 continues, Case 004 will follow
And the highest criminal leader will be caught.
They killed Khmer people and now they will be branded murderers.
When we hear that the trials should be cut short,
We know that peace is wanted.
But the words are not sincere.
The top man himself is in difficulty and doesn’t want to be subject to the law.
The Khmer Rouge tribunal sounds good,
But if genuine process is followed Cambodian society will truly change
And the Khmer will have war.[4]
Those who say this are preparing the weapons to attack the people.
They know they are guilty but send this threat to the UN .
Now the UN can either keep silent or prosecute.
If Case 004 is prosecuted connections will emerge
To China, to Vietnam and other giants or state heroes.

[1] The international court charged with prosecuting highest level criminal cases.
[2] The case in preparation against the highest ranking government officials.
[3] Duch is the director of the infamous prison S21 in Phnom Penh where from 1975 to 1979 over ten thousand people, particularly intellectuals and foreign prisoners, were killed.
[4] This is the threat that the Cambodian government has issued to its own people.

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